Dear all,

After more than a year of planning, training, practicing, designing, building, collecting, and so much more, Ek made its premiere performance this past Saturday, February 18th at 6:30pm at Hendrickson High School in Georgetown, TX.

We thank everyone for coming out! The show sold out, and even though we had a few technical difficulties, the audience seemed to enjoy every minute. Great reviews are pouring in from all over.

Here’s what the audience members had to say:

“Our hearty congratulations on the Grand success of EK! You did it. Baba has blessed you and all your efforts paid off. EK has equalled or even surpassed any Broadway musical show… I won’t be surprised [if] one day EK will even be screened on the celluloid… Everyone with no exception said the show was fantastic.”

SR.Valluri & Lakshmi

“This was a daunting task, and it was an honor for me & Vaibhav to be there and witness the play, the musical, the magic of the little ‘gaun’ called Shirdi with the simple villagers, simple hearts, love, gratitude and the irresistible pull of Baba’s presence in the village.

I loved how you brought out the spirituality and the knowledge through the story, song and dialogue. There were so many messages. The Grinding, Grinding piece was very interesting. In the beginning, it was getting to me, then I realized that this is exactly the point – the grinding of Karma gets us, when we observe with detachment and move through it, it frees us from the bondages. Very beautifully done!

All the best on more future endeavors with Ek and with other such ventures.”

Raghu Sapuram

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Ek Team

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