Experiences of an Actress

At first when I joined Ek, I only did it because of my belief in Sai Baba. Since I am a long-term volunteer at the temples, I thought this would be another way of volunteering. But now, I enjoy it and listen to the audio and am glad to be part of Ek.  I have attended all the rehearsals so far and am keen on improving my acting.

Some of the lines I laugh at in my car while driving.

Lakshmi’s dialogue, “Is he going to live with us?  He sparkles like a new coin.”

Rao’s dialogue, “For whom I have to run the School” and” the villagers are pack of fools.”

The Audio is so good. For the Lavani dance, I felt like dancing. I look at Vinitha Madam’s and Dev Uncle’s dedication and think one should learn from them.  Usha is also very patient and encouraging.  Thanks! The cast is wonderful and doing their best.

The audio rings in my ears at nights. Don’t know how long it takes for it to fade away from my memory.

Syamala Mallela

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