A Poem

The following was submitted by audience member and Ek supporter S. R. Valluri. It has been posted here in it’s entirety with no alterations or edits.


A Poem

The other day I have seen the musical EK show
It was like a spectacular lightning glow

It was envisioned by Usha Akella just more than an year ago
Touched everybody’ heart and crushed their ego

Earlier we just knew her as a poet and her literary talent
Now her extra ordinary qualities of a devotee have come out blatant

She worked day and night and night and day having sleepless nights
In the end she made people’s lives happy and filled their hearts with loving lights

She is a poet, manager, lyric writer and what not
She is just a visionary and all people love her a lot

As someone said behind every successful man there is a woman
Here behind her is the star of the solar system, another successful man

EK is the wonderful musical drama of Shiridi Sai Baba
Those who think HE is a muslim worships Allah in the Kaba
And those who consider HIM as Hindu pray Krishna and Radha

EK clearly depicts unity in diversity
Which we cannot understand going to any university

The choreography is done in such a detailed manner
To show it’s greatness we do not need any banner

The music composed by Suchitra, is such a great talented lady
EK reminded me of the musicals like Sound of Music and My fair lady

My inner voice tells me that EK will be played in many places to people’s content
Crossing the borders of countries and continents

It is not Grinding, Grinding, Grinding
But it is Binding, Binding, Binding
With our beloved Baba
Deserting all the worldly Maya

All the actors did not act really
But lived in their roles literally

Dev acted as if he is possessed by Baba
It appeared, Baba is Dev and Dev is Baba

The logo designer has created the omnipresent infinity
By a few strokes of lines without any difficulty

EK is one Religion, one Cast, one Creed
Essence of all the Holy books you read

On the whole EK is a real Masterpiece
Bestowing everyone the most sought out Peace

Sure Usha could not have done this all by herself
Many people Cast, Musicians, Choreographers,
Directors, Stage Mangers, Donors and all others
Worked and helped her above their self

I congratulate and salute Usha & her Family
And the whole EK Family

May Baba give all the Team His Grace
Which spreads in our hearts like flower’s Fragrance

Regards to the entire EK Team

S. R.Valluri, Chennai, TN, India


An addendum:

Musical Ek has not  only  achieved Fame

But now it has become a Household Name.

All those distressed with mental and physical Ache

Will surely get solace from the Musical Ek.

Subbalakshmi Valluri

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